Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today I chose to write about David Bromstad. He has a show on HGTV called Color Splash: Miami, if the title doesn't give it away let me tell you he enjoys COLOR.  He likes to transform a room with a style combination of realism and fantasy.  Take a look at the Photo below.

This is one of my favorite examples of his work.  This space feels so warm and cozy.  The colors help set the mood but more importantly the shapes he used in here help create a circular embrace as if someone was hugging you.  At the same time this space also feels like your "in space."  This almost seems like a futuristic movie. 

He usually incorporates a painting he does himself.  Most of the paintings are usually very earthy, showing flowers.  In most of his work he tries to see what the client likes and make a painting that would tie everything in. As you can see in this 9 piece painting of flowers they are very simple but at the same time the way he created the lime green border makes it a bit more complicated.

These two pieces I found at the Galleria Mall in Dallas. They had a REDBULL exhibit and I was inspired by these because of their uniqueness. The first one that looks like a head is something I would see in a David Bromstad Design because of its shape and also the way it is all mirror it would have all the color around reflect off of it.  The second one is a painting and although Ive never seen a complicated and detailed painting from him I could see this in a room because of the natural elements and also the random Red Bull in the center.

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