Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tillman's Roadhouse as an INSPIRATION!

This week Tillmans Roadhouse inspired me!
I got to meet the designer and see where he got all of his inspirations and ideas.  It was awesome to hear how he came up with ideas from other designers and also from his personal designing style.  If you have ever been to this restaurant you will know what I mean when I say they broke all the rules of design! Thats the beauty of design, once you know the "Rules" of design you can learn how to break those rules.  In every room you feel a different atmospher.  He kept the Texan feel of a wooden home. I enjoyed seeing how a designer was able to break free from the normal designing.

This is a piece that is outside.  He was inspired by the outdoors and a fireplace that is on the other side.

This is their entrance. It has real antique rifles that the designer had attached to these doors.  Pretty neat that he kept the Texas feel with these rifles.

This is one of my favorite parts of their design.  This is outside! I love seeing the odd piece of furniture that you would normally see inside.  Once again he went for the unique rather than the usual. The chairs are amazing modern looking rocking chairs.  The couch is something you would see in a victorian style room also the mirror goes right along with it. The teal blue was just a color accent the designer chose that I think works great!

This is a chair they custom made.  It works well because of the button studs that are around the chair, it keeps the Texas country style.

Although this is not something I would have come up with, I think it works with the feel the designer wanted to get accross.  He had a bird theme going on which you can kind of see in the paintings hung here.  I feel like im at a nice comfy home when I arrive here.  The tv is a little more modern twist to this wall, so he decided to add a frame to have it blend in a little. I love the way he chose this wall.

This is their bathroom.  Both the mens and womens bathroom is decorated by these custom made ribbons.  I'm not sure how I feel about this room. I think it was a little too much. I see where he was going with the uniqueness but it didnt work in the sense that there is so much going on and in the end the customers end up taking them. This was not my favorite room.

This is the table setting. I like how simple and clean it looks.  Definatly my favorite. I like the place mat, although it is a plastic mat it looks like a fabric and the way the utensils are placed is not a regular placing of them but in the end it works.

The peacock room. This is a great room. He kept the teal color in this room by adding the peacocks on the top branches. This is a great room to have a huge group, it also becomes their private rooms.

This is still the peacock room. The reason I picked this picture is because of the slanted mirror placed on this wall. He didnt want the people to miss out on what was going on in the background, and as we know people enjoy to people watch, so this works. He really though of everything.

This is all I have for this weeks inspiration.  I hope you enjoyed my day at Tillman's Roadhouse. If your eve around the neighborhood make sure to check out this awesome designed restaurant. I didnt even mention their menu! It is amazing! They even thought about making their menu different! BUT for this you will have to check them out for yourself! 

Career Spotlight!!

The more and more I look into design and all of the fields you can go into, Hospitality grabs my attention the most.  I know that as a guest of a hotel or of a restaurant I want to feel comfortable and always be surrounded in an atmosphere of peace and happiness.  As a Hospitality Designer you can choose the area that inspires you the most, like in my case I would enjoy designing a spa.  The way a person can feel as they enter into a place of peace and serenity would be my most greatest achievement. If I could make a person feel like this was the place where they were most at ease and away from their every day lives, I would be very pleased.  I think that as a designer I know how I feel as a i create something but my biggest reward is when someone appreciates it.

Another area I am interested in is in the night life atmosphere.  A night club is a place where someone goes to have a good time and be able to share unforgettable moments with friends and family.  In a club you can create an atmosphere that is out of this world.  The more odd the place the better.  I think that a place that is comfortable to sit in and be able to talk and also a nice view to the eye is what a person looks for in a night club. 

This is an example of what a night club could look like when the lights are turned off.  You can see the way the lights hit the furniture and how the lights create a fun environment.  With night clubs a designer can also go into Light Designing, that gives you another option.

My las choice would have to be in designing restaurants.  I enjoy going into a place where I can eat great food but also say I went to a great looking restaurant.  As a woman I want a place where my partner can take me and be in a romantic atmosphere. Of course this would depend on the person, but I would totally go towards an intimate design.

Thats what I have for Hospitality Design! 

Residential Inspiration

Today I want to talk about how you can get inspired through walking through a neighborhood or going to a residents home. In my case I had a field trip to do field measurements at a house.  I was so excited to be inside of an empty home, it let my imagination run in any way I want to.  I was able to see how i would arrange the entire home. 

This would be a chandelier I would place in the formal living room. I would have a wall painted black and have accents of pink with a huge mirror in the background.
This picture has exactly the idea I would have come up with along with accents of pink pillows and a pink vase on the coffee table.

This is only one example of a room I came up with by going to an empty home. Some people may need to look around different model home or look in magazines to get inspired.  I basically saw the space that was there and could imagine what the room would look like with the colors and styles I chose.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bloggy Inspirations

I chose this as a Blog that can inspire you because of the futuristic feel of their products.  As a designer it inspires me to know that I can expand in many different flields of work.  I am not confined to simply designing a space for a residence or a room in a hotel, I can design a more cofortable living space that could include a hiding place for an adult such as this picture.  You dont have to be a child to play hid and go seek.

This is a bowl that has two bowls in one.  There is one that is in the center and the other one comes out, the reason for that is so that if you drop a penut it will fall in the second bowl.  This idea may seem so simple but it works! Again, this blog has ideas that are so futuristic but if you think about it not too long ago we didnt have the technlogy that we have now so you could say we are the future.  I know a blog like this can keep you up to date on the new ideas that will be out and available for the public one day.

This Blog is called MOCOLOCO. This blog has a lot of new ideas for design.  I chose these two photos because I enjoy seeing a small space be used just like a huge space would.  It shows you that no matter how small your can be you can always make it a useful and fun environment.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today I chose to write about David Bromstad. He has a show on HGTV called Color Splash: Miami, if the title doesn't give it away let me tell you he enjoys COLOR.  He likes to transform a room with a style combination of realism and fantasy.  Take a look at the Photo below.

This is one of my favorite examples of his work.  This space feels so warm and cozy.  The colors help set the mood but more importantly the shapes he used in here help create a circular embrace as if someone was hugging you.  At the same time this space also feels like your "in space."  This almost seems like a futuristic movie. 

He usually incorporates a painting he does himself.  Most of the paintings are usually very earthy, showing flowers.  In most of his work he tries to see what the client likes and make a painting that would tie everything in. As you can see in this 9 piece painting of flowers they are very simple but at the same time the way he created the lime green border makes it a bit more complicated.

These two pieces I found at the Galleria Mall in Dallas. They had a REDBULL exhibit and I was inspired by these because of their uniqueness. The first one that looks like a head is something I would see in a David Bromstad Design because of its shape and also the way it is all mirror it would have all the color around reflect off of it.  The second one is a painting and although Ive never seen a complicated and detailed painting from him I could see this in a room because of the natural elements and also the random Red Bull in the center.

My First Blog!

This is a piece I did for an art class. My Interpretation of "Starry Night" by Van Gogh
This is my very first blog! I am so excited to begin to share my life progress in the beautiful and creative field of Interior Design. Its amazing being able to learn how to perfect our skills and keep learning in this ever evolving environment.  This blog is for a class assignment to keep ourselves inspired in a different way.  I don't know about you but as an artist I need to keep exploring what else is out there to motivate my creative mind! I hope you all enjoy my very first step in school!