Saturday, November 20, 2010

Career Spotlight!!

The more and more I look into design and all of the fields you can go into, Hospitality grabs my attention the most.  I know that as a guest of a hotel or of a restaurant I want to feel comfortable and always be surrounded in an atmosphere of peace and happiness.  As a Hospitality Designer you can choose the area that inspires you the most, like in my case I would enjoy designing a spa.  The way a person can feel as they enter into a place of peace and serenity would be my most greatest achievement. If I could make a person feel like this was the place where they were most at ease and away from their every day lives, I would be very pleased.  I think that as a designer I know how I feel as a i create something but my biggest reward is when someone appreciates it.

Another area I am interested in is in the night life atmosphere.  A night club is a place where someone goes to have a good time and be able to share unforgettable moments with friends and family.  In a club you can create an atmosphere that is out of this world.  The more odd the place the better.  I think that a place that is comfortable to sit in and be able to talk and also a nice view to the eye is what a person looks for in a night club. 

This is an example of what a night club could look like when the lights are turned off.  You can see the way the lights hit the furniture and how the lights create a fun environment.  With night clubs a designer can also go into Light Designing, that gives you another option.

My las choice would have to be in designing restaurants.  I enjoy going into a place where I can eat great food but also say I went to a great looking restaurant.  As a woman I want a place where my partner can take me and be in a romantic atmosphere. Of course this would depend on the person, but I would totally go towards an intimate design.

Thats what I have for Hospitality Design! 

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